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Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Our courses are produced by event professionals and event academics. This gives students real world case studies and expertise taught in an academic setting.

We also believe that Personal Development and Mindset is just as important as the course you are going to be studying. Therefore, all our courses have a personal development programme, designed to follow alongside your study. The PDP programme will help you realise your goals so once you finish you are already on your way to achieve them.

Most of the courses, will give you a lifetime access to the teaching and learning content along with our online library.

Accredited by CPD

Continuing Professional Development is the foundation for employees and the CPD is a recognised accreditation. It helps individuals to regularly focus on how they can become efficient, competent and effective professional. Training and learning increase confidence and overall capability, and compliments career aspirations.

Industry Opportunities

Our international institute will give you network opportunities to different partners in international territories and access to their live events some of which you will have an opportunity to work with, visit and even experience during your time with us.


Whatever course you desire to choose from our range, you will benefit from an inspiring mix of people and resources. 

Alumni Page

Once you enrol onto one of our courses you will receive an invitation to our alumni pages in which we post job opportunities, event news and also will be a great place to network and share your experiences with other students and professionals. 

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