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IIOLE Podcast

We are happy to announce our brand new podcast show! Join us as we speak to Event Industry Professionals! Listen to our podcast to learn more about the live events industry, get advice and event industry insights! Available on all major podcast streaming sites. 


Pathway to Stage Management 

 In this episode we talk to Danielle Calthorpe-Byrne


Have you ever been curious about the role of a stage manager and how you can pursue a career in this part of the events industry? Join us in this captivating podcast as we engage in an insightful conversation with Danielle, a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in the live events. Danielle's journey commenced with her performances in large ice shows, which ignited a passion for production.

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Pathway to Event Production

 In this episode we talk to Dan Jones.


Dan has been working as a freelance technical manager specialising in all things Audio, Lighting and Production since 2016. He has worked with established and up-and-coming clients. He is passionate about delivering incredible service, whether he is working in Theatre, Live Events, Streaming or Conferences.


How volunteering led to a full time position at the Commonwealth Games! | An inspiring event story

Join us in a brand new podcast with Bethany Baristow-Morris!


Straight after finishing her Events Management degree, Bethany took a freelance role with Birmingham opening/closing ceremony and was a key member of the team, taking her to work in the logistics department of the Birmingham 2022 


From education to working on mega events, a conversation with Sofia Morana. 

We have a great new podcast in which we speak to Sofia Morana, one of the stage managers at EXPO 2022. What is unique about Sofia's story, she graduated in 2018 and has already worked on a range of mega events. This is a truly inspiring podcast that shows how education has allowed Sofia to take on high profile projects with confidence and maturity.

Concert Crowd

James Pemblington - Projects and Event Production Specialist

Our latest podcast with James Pemblington - Projects and Event Production Specialist.

In this episode James talks to us about his experience in the Live Event Industry with a focus on Event Production and his time working at Alton Towers.

Virtual Events. How technology can inspire your event

If you are looking to create a virtual event then you need to listen to this episode! How technology can inspire your event. We speak to Shannon Harvey who is a freelance creative, academic and influencer working in digital media and lighting across many sectors.

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Events can take place during a pandemic (Restart19 Findings)

In this episode we talk about the key findings that have been published following an experiment in Germany that aimed to show how coronavirus travels at indoor events. 

Woman in VR Room

Welcome to the first ever IIOLE Podcast! In this first episode we speak to Shannon Harvey of Creative Alchemy One and Klean Dalton of Lucid Technologies. This episode is about virtual events from a clients prospective and what clients should expect when thinking and creating a virtual event for their business or brand.

Introduction to virtual events from a client perspective.

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