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Another Delay for the Events Industry?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

So it seems we are stuck in Step 3 until at least 19th July. This won’t, in all honesty, be that much of a shock to many, but it will still be a huge blow. There is a bit of good news from the PM for the wedding industry, but before saying how helpful that will be I’ll wait to hear from those who run venues and supply businesses to say how much light it really sends their way.

The devil is always in the detail, and guidance will need to be pored over and interpreted by those that enforce it, and as with those events happening now under the current rules there may not be universal nationwide application. So what does this mean?

We have some events able to operate now, outside and in: the Roadmap has some limits set – and also some events seemingly without limit – and some organisers and venues will be able to continue, but we are talking modest levels in the grand scheme of things. No one wants to bring it on or herald doom laden news but I’m worried this will unlock more grey clouds for promoters and suppliers. There are a lot of people who have lost jobs, and plenty more who have moved away from an uncertain sector: talk to any supplier or organiser and you’ll find people are scrabbling for crew, especially on key dates (hello September). This doesn’t help those business owners planning for a return to action and aiming to be ready when it comes.

For others without July dates and deadlines the can has been kicked down the road. Every date that slips suggests that the next one might do the same. Trying to read the situation is, of course, far from easy: this is a global pandemic. Yet the ‘data not dates’ mantra feels somewhat underdone by decisions being made without, it would appear, the full application of the Events Research Programme findings. Hang on in there eventprofs.

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