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How do you create a memorable event?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

To create an event that is memorable requires design to be at the centre of everything. The design of the event must play to the five senses and creatively at the heart of the concept, ultimately this should give the customer a compelling reason to attend. It is crucial to explore all the different elements you can use to enhance an event and to use any that fit your budget.

So what are these different elements?


Lighting for event production can change the atmosphere and mood of a room quicker than anything else. Using simple uplighter can make all the difference without breaking your budget. For more advanced lighting you can use fairy-lights, spotlights or even intelligent lighting fixtures with gobos to really enhance your event.


Using drape is another effective way to divide a space, not only can it turn a boring room into something amazing. Drape also has a range of different uses such as,

  • Masking - being able to hide ugly walls and backstage areas

  • Acoustic Treatment - well placed drape can be used to diffuse sound waves creating a better acoustic environments that your audience will appreciate.

  • Decor - using different coloured drapes, hung imaginatively can completely reinvent a room over and over again!

It is essential that you use flame retardant drape and comply with the fire regulation for the venues and meet all health and safety requirements when working with electrical equipment and material.


Depending on the type of event you are running it is critical to have the right speakers, the most common stack speakers will give you the full acoustic range for most pre-recorded music. A well experienced DJ’s can give good advise on the type of set up required for the type of music and room layout.

Using all of these elements together will create a memorable event that your audience will enjoy.

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