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Event Management Certificate 

Unlock Charlie Mussets and Paul Walters' proven event management strategy that they have used to successfully manage and deliver events such as RLWC, ParkLife, V Festival and The Great North Run. 


This 12 week fast track course into event management, giving you real life case studies,  industry contacts, CPD accreditation and access to two of the most experienced event professionals in the UK.

Key Course Information


Event Management Certificate Level 4 Equivalent 


The course is designed to be completed in 12 weeks

University Standard

Paul Walters has been a lecturer for 20 years giving you a degree standard of teaching and learning

CPD Accredited

Globally recognised by employers

100% Online

No matter if you have a full time job or traveling the world you can complete the course at a time that suits you. You also have access to the course creators at one-to-one meetings online

Lifetime Access

Refer back to the course and content whenever you need 

Employability Pathway

We will work with you until you find a job in the industry! 


£799 spread the cost over 3 small payments!


Each week contains a "Working With..." session in which you will build up and develop the skills, tools and knowledge you need to take an event through the concept, planning and delivery phases, plus how to learn from the process to do it all again, and again

What you get

Personal Tutor Personal tutor on a regular basis who will guide you through the course and help with questions you may have. You can keep in touch with your personal tutor by email. Downloadables A range of templates for you to download which will include event modules in a range of subject areas such as, production management, operation management, logistics, budgeting and event plans, sponsorship. Extensive Reading List A reading list which will give you further knowledge into the event industry and assist in your personal and professional development. Alumni Page An invitation to our alumni pages in which we post job opportunities, event news and also will be a great place to network and share your experiences with other students and professionals. PDP Personal development plan introduced at the beginning of the course structured around your career goals and supported by professional tutors and aligned to the content taught throughout the course. Lifetime Access When you purchase this course you will have lifetime access. This means you can access it even after you have completed the course. With the COVID-19 pandemic we will be updating it regularly!

Volunteer and work opportunities

Our International Institute will also give you network opportunities to different partners in international territories and access to their live events some of which you will have an opportunity to work with, visit and even experience during your time with us. Whatever course you desire to choose from our range, you will benefit from an inspiring mix of people and resources.

Entry Requirements

No formal qualification required to join the course.

Course Modules 

Week 1 - Setting Achievable Goals


Week 2 -Working with a Vision 


Week 3 - Working with Clients 


Week 4 - 1:1 with Charlie & Paul


Week 5 - Working with Event Safety Plans


Week 6 - Working With the Law

Week 7 - 1:1 with Charlie & Paul


Week 8 - Event Sites Part 1 


Week 9 - Event Sites Part 2


Week 10 - 1:1 with Charlie & Paul

Week 11 - Practical Problem Solving 


Week 12 - Working with The Emergency Services


Week 1 - Setting Achievable Goals 

Meet your tutors!

Events our tutors have worked on


Robert Wetterauer

Director of Angell Business School in Germany. 

Paul Walters has taught at our institution for many years and has been appreciated by both colleagues and students. The students loved his real-life examples and vast practical experience from the events industry, combining both theory and practice in his teaching methods."

CPD Certified 

This course is accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development). You will receive a professional industry recognised certificate from the International Institute of Live Events which is equivalent to a level 4 Diploma.

Got a question about this course? Drop us an email or book a call with us!

Here's a little preview of what to expect!

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