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Understanding Event Production

Our new short course is open for enrollment   

Who Are We?

We are a new international online learning environment, providing bespoke courses, job opportunities and free resources. The IIOLE was formed by accomplished academics and practitioners who have produced events across the globe and published extensively within the field of live events management. They have an unprecedented and accumulative experience as practitioners and educators in live events that spans 65 years.

Find Your Perfect Event Course!

Our courses are produced by event professionals and event academics. This gives students real world case studies and expertise taught in an academic setting.

We also believe that personal development and mindset is just as important as the course you are going to be studying. Therefore, all our courses have a personal development programme, designed to follow alongside your study. The PDP programme will help you realise your goals so once you finish you are already on your way to achieve them.

Most of the courses, will be accredited by CPD and you will also receive lifetime access to the teaching and learning content along with our online library.

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Free Event Resources 

We have a whole library of event resources which you can access for free! These resources have been created by event professionals to give individual access quick and free relevant information. Our free resources consists of blogs, podcasts, case studies and more!

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