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IIOLE Manifestos 

Our Manifesto we will focus on 4 things, mainly:

Section 1 Event Industry News. The event industry is changing everyday and we will be sharing only the most impactful news.

Section 2 Event Case Studies. Events have major impacts in society and the economy. Read this section to gain insights to events that have had the biggest impacts. 

Section 3 Teach. This section is here to give you tips on all areas of the event industry straight from the creators of the International Institute of Live Events.

Section 4 Guiding, Coaching, and mentoring. To accompany the online courses academic and industry professionals will give support through coaching and mentoring.

Below you can read all of our Manifesto for free with every new year being a new season of newsletters.  You can subscribe to our Manifesto here.

Season 3



Hello, we hope you had a great Christmas and we hope you have a prosperous 2022! 

We have a very exciting year ahead so here is update on what to expect from this year.

Happy New Year!


The Biggest Festival In the World!

This newsletter is packed with event goodness! From the launch of our new website. The latest event industry news and our new blog on the MDLBeast SoundStorm Festival in Riyadh!

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New interview, event industry news and latest volunteering opportunities!

We share an exclusive video on what it takes to orgainse freshers week, share the latest event industry news and latest volunteering roles.


From volunteering to a paid position at a mega event!

Hello, we hope you are all well! We have some great things to share in this Manifesto, let's get straight into it!

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How do you create a memorable spectator experience?

Hello all, In this Manifesto we share a new blog, job opportunities, and the latest event industry news!

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