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IIOLE Manifestos 

Our Manifesto we will focus on 4 things, mainly:

Section 1 Event Industry News. The event industry is changing everyday and we will be sharing only the most impactful news.

Section 2 Event Case Studies. Events have major impacts in society and the economy. Read this section to gain insights to events that have had the biggest impacts. 

Section 3 Teach. This section is here to give you tips on all areas of the event industry straight from the creators of the International Institute of Live Events.

Section 4 Guiding, Coaching, and mentoring. To accompany the online courses academic and industry professionals will give support through coaching and mentoring.

Below you can read all of our Manifesto for free with every new year being a new season of newsletters.  You can subscribe to our Manifesto here.

Season 2



Will Events Return In 2021?

Hello and welcome to the first Manifesto of 2021! We have lots to share this year and more information for our first newsletter. Let’s get straight to it. Are events going to happen in 2021? We will also be looking into the UK 2020 New Years Eve Show


Is it worth studying an event course in 2021? 

We had such a good response from our last Manifesto, and many asked for our opinion on events and work in the post pandemic world. Some even asked is it worth still being in the events industry!

Are you considering a career in the event industry or even thinking of retraining to a different industry?



Who Are We?

We set out with a vision to 

  • provide a quality online courses built by academics and industry professionals. 

  • a place for event professionals to access quick and relevant information. 

  • share mini lessons on the best practices and experiences by event profs. 

  • give our students access to real world experience through our extensive volunteering opportunities.

  • hold seminars and workshops with industry leaders around the world.

So who are we?


Our First Course Is Nearly Here!

Are you one of the people that have emailed us recently to ask when our course is launching and would like to know more? Well the day is finally here!



What do you include in an Event Safety Plan?

In this Manifesto we will be sharing a short video (3 Minutes) on what to include in an Event Safety Plan. This video was taken from our latest course the "Event Manager's Manual" which is open for enrolment now!


How the London 2012 Olympics nearly failed

With 16 days before London 2012 Olympic Games was meant to begin, there was a shortfall of security personnel. Watch/listen the case study in which we talk in depth about the 2012 Olympic contract and risk appetite!



Event Management vs Event Production

This week's Manifesto we are going to be discussing the difference between event management and event production as well as some industry news!


Should promoters do more to help with ticket scammers?


This week's Manifesto we are going to be discussing ticket scammers and if event promoters should be doing more to help combat this issues. We look at Astroworld tragedy.  

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