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IIOLE Manifestos

Our Manifesto we will focus on 4 things, mainly:

Section 1 Event Industry News. The event industry is changing everyday and we will be sharing only the most impactful news.

Section 2 Event Case Studies. Events have major impacts in society and the economy. Read this section to gain insights to events that have had the biggest impacts. 

Section 3 Teach. This section is here to give you tips on all areas of the event industry straight from the creators of the International Institute of Live Events.

Section 4 Guiding, Coaching, and mentoring. To accompany the online courses academic and industry professionals will give support through coaching and mentoring.

Below you can read all of our Manifesto for free with every new year being a new season of newsletters. You can subscribe to our Manifesto here.

Season 1




Welcome to our first ever newsletter! First things first who are we? The International Institute of Live Events came into formation in 2018 with a vision and mission to incapsulate education with the commercial world of live events. Accomplished academics who have published extensively within the field of live events management.


We are entering a brave new world for live events

In this Manifesto we will be discussing if Spain will set the standard for other countries to follow for the reopening their country. We have a case study on the Denmarks first concert since COVID-19.



How are events moving forward from the COVID-19 pandemic?

In this Manifesto we will be looking into the future of live events. We also take a closer look at how different countries are handling the reopening of their countries and how promoters are hosting events. 


COVID-19 Event Guidance

In this Manifesto we will be looking at the guidance the Production Services Association have put together for the events industry to minimise the risk of transmission. We also be taken a look into the first UK outdoor live music event since the pandemic. 



Introducing our Podcast!

This Manifesto we introduce our brand new Event Podcast and we have a case study on Aberystwyth Virtual Freshers Week.


What will the event industry look like in 2021? 

In this Manifesto we have a look at what events will look like in 2021 and we have a case study on the virtual Tomorrowland Outdoor Music Festival.

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